Recreating education

Our model evolved from the frustration that founders Paul, Agi and Ayrton felt at the inadequacy of the current education system in Africa and other parts of the developing world. Everywhere they went, they saw children let down by systemic failure.

The enso model, therefore, integrates solutions to all the major issues affecting education - instructional quality, non polluting energy, health and hygiene, emotional well-being, and supportive family life. It sources world  class  products, integrates them into a branded product range  with affordable payment plans, and has EQ/SQ (I – C.A.R.E. Action Leadership) at its core.

Our approach

We’re building a large chain of SMART Communities which offer world class schooling, which serve as retail hubs (solar energy, health, water and hygiene products), and which place EQ/SQ at their centre.

We are developing the groundwork for our first SMART Communities in Kenya, intending to develop a highly impactful and scalable model. From there, we will expand throughout
sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

The SMART Community model

The SMART Community model is the fruition of years of research and development into education, starting in South Africa at CIDA University in 2005. It is a systems-based approach. Both the evidence and common sense tell us that problems almost never exist in isolation;  there are often multiple inter-related causes, some more visible than others.

It is widely recognized that access to healthcare, nutrition, water and sanitation all have a tremendous impact on children's ability to learn.

The best teaching in the world is no use if  children are too sick to go to school, or too weak to concentrate in class. The kinds of sicknesses which such  children tend to get - e.g.  respiratory illness caused by breathing in kerosene fumes;  or bacterial illness caused by eating with unwashed hands or drinking contaminated water - are mostly highly preventable. Solar power instead of kerosene prevents respiratory illness. Soap and clean water prevent most bacterial illnesses. Good nutrition keeps children healthy and ensures they grow to their physical potential.

Low self-esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence, indifference to others, grudge bearing, intolerance: No matter how good the instructional quality in a school, these are forces which can sabotage a child’s education, and indeed their entire life. Yet, these are forces which can be transformed into courage, empathy, tolerance, high self-esteem, and magnanimity.

Coupled with leadership skills, children with high EQ/SQ can make an extraordinary difference in their families, communities, schools, and potentially even in wider society.

The enso model, therefore integrates solutions to the major issues affecting education - instructional quality, clean energy, health and hygiene, EQ/SQ - by sourcing world class products and services and integrating them into a branded product range, with affordable payment plans.

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EnSo Impact co-founders Paul and Ayrton Cable were joined by father/grandfather Vince Cable, an angel investor in the company, at EdtechXAsia in Singapore. Onstage together, they discussed how they have developed a 'changemaker' approach to education across 3 generations and how EnSo Impact is scaling that approach in emerging markets.

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